Get your tweets automated 5 days a week 6-10 hrs per day once every 30 mins. Only $50 per month!!

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Facebook may have higher traffic, but it's Twitter that gives you the marketing power that will influence your growth by 200% or more!

You are free to adopt various techiques or tactics for campaigning effective twitter marketing, but in the end what matters is "your astonishing 280 character tweets".


Here are some of the benefits of using DoctorTweetz

  * Reach more potential customers or clients
  * Save Time & Money during your work day / evening
  * Expand your brand & visability to your target market
DoctorTweetz is for you!!


Here is what is included:

* Marketing for your twitter account atleast 5 days a week atleast 30 mins per day.  Monitoring retweets and favorites that come in.
* Following 200 to 400 NEW GEO targeted keyword / location targeted individuals per week
           **Not all people / companies will follow back**
* Automated tweets - We will set different / unique tweets to rotate every 20 or 30 minutes throughout the day and evening
* Unfollow twitter followers that are not following back or have not tweeted for a given time.
* Setting up your twitter account with keywords, hashtags (#) to target your customers and followers
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New Followers Gain hundreds of NEW GEO Targeted followers
Auto Tweets
$150 per month

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New Followers
Auto Tweets For 3 months Only $100 per month!!

Auto Tweets Rotation
Only $50 per month

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